AU LAC TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING CO., LTD is a professional unit in the field of animal waste treatment and  organic fertilizer.

Headquarter is located in Ho Chi Minh City but the scope of activities is implemented throughout the country. Breeding is an industry that is being scaled up and scaled up. In addition to economic efficiency, waste disposal should be properly considered to avoid wasting resources and capital to overcome the consequences.

In addition, the processing of animal waste as an organic fertilizer is gradually replacing the chemical we are promoting the distribution of equipment to create value chain.

Our company is the Consultant - Supply - Installation of waste treatment system for concentrated breeding facilities to make use of fertilizer and minimize waste water pollution.

Provides total solution for cages including:

   Solid waste liquid separator system

   Biogas system

   Aeration system after biogas

   Biogas generator

   Composting method

   Microbial manure compost manure

   Stirring system in waste disposal tank

   Biogas filter system

   Electric system 
   Production line of organic fertilizer
   Irrigation equipment, fertilizer spreader, spraying....

In addition, we provide special types of pumps for waste separation: submersible pumps for cutting, floating pumps, waste water pumps,

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